A well placed rock can create a focal point in a garden design, can act as a garden seat or simply complement garden planting

This Rocks!

The humble rock, stones, boulders; whatever you want to call them, we are surrounded by these features daily either as natural or constructed features. Be it the pebbles on the beach or a cobblestoned Temple Bar, rocks have an undeniable omnipresence. However, they are perhaps overlooked as a garden feature. Here are some of the elements that one could consider when planning to use stone in a garden design. Use of stone to create interest and contrast in one of my small garden designs in Dublin The above picture of a garden...

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Garden boundaries and fences

In any garden design, close attention needs to be paid to the boundaries and how they are to be finished at an early stage in the project. [caption id="attachment_3437" align="aligncenter" width="614"] Traditional field stone boundary in the west of Ireland[/caption] The reasons for this are obvious but sometimes need to be restated: 1) They form the framework for the garden whether closely defined and solid or looser, more open boundaries that allow visibility to the surrounding landscape. 2) The boundary finishes (structure, form, texture, colour) can dictate the entire mood of the garden. [caption id="attachment_3439"...

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Garden design tip 3: Surveying your plot

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"] The Big Year (Image source Film Ireland)[/caption] Under our current spell of weather with its punishing, blustery winds and sharp rain, the least likely thing to be on your mind is the thought of carrying out a survey of your garden.  But if you are mulling over the idea of a garden redesign this summer, then it is something you are going to have to do.  I find having a plan of the existing garden is really the only way to visualise what sort of design changes are...

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