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Site survey being undertaken for one of our show gardens

If not undertaken on the first visit, the  first part of my garden design process involves a return visit to your garden to assess the garden in greater detail.

I take measurements of, amongst other things, the general layout of the existing garden surfaces e.g. lawn, beds, hardscape, mark the location and extent of existing structures e.g. washing lines, take note of the scale and types of boundary materials etc. I also take a detailed record of the location and types of existing trees, plants and backdrop vegetation.  Other items examined include views, light and shade, drainage and the slope of the garden.

The make-up of the existing garden will be marked up on a plan drawing and will be used as a template over which the new garden design can be laid.

Wherever possible, we will try to retain existing garden features and incorporate these in to the new garden design.  This is for two reasons: 1) it will provide you with cost savings and 2) it is often better for the carbon-footprint of your garden design to leave materials in-situ rather than bring in new materials. Obviously if there is something that you feel simply must go, then we will remove it and, if it is salvageable, re-use it elsewhere.

Whilst not essential, you can assist us in this regard by supplying a plan of your site, perhaps, a planning or architects drawing that you already have.

Finally, if your site is especially steep or large and there are severe level changes, we may need to employ the services of a surveyor to assist us and you should be prepared to include this in the garden design costs.  This will pay dividends later as a full and accurate design survey will ensure that the garden is properly designed and that the construction runs smoothly at a later date.

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