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Initial consultation with Tim Austen

The initial consultation is usually a straight-forward discussion with you to find out what you want to achieve with your garden.  You will usually have some ideas about what type of garden you would like: is it a family garden, do you have a dog, would you like a water feature, how much maintenance are you prepared to put in? etc.

The design consultation involves a walk around your garden and then a sit-down Q&A session, where your wants and needs will be teased out.

During the consultation, I may be able to solve basic design issues with simple directions or a quick sketch in which case no further work will be required.  However, after this initial meeting, if you would like to avail of a design, I  will provide you with a written proposal of services suited to your circumstances and budget.

My initial consultations involve a small fee, typically €50-€100 to cover time and travel costs.  The amount required would be agreed with you in advance.  Alternatively, free initial consultations are available in my studio in Wicklow town.  In this instance, you can bring your ideas and, perhaps, some pictures to the studio for a free-of-charge chat.

Garden design survey