After completion of the design stage for your garden, I will agree with you the best method of getting the garden constructed.  This will involve employing the most qualified team of people to build your garden that can meet your budget for hard landscape construction and planting.  There are some options open to you in this regard:

1) Selected tender method in which I will ask several independent landscape and/or garden contractors to price for the complete garden construction works.  In order to do this, I would issue the drawings with a schedule of quantities for pricing to the agreed list of landscape contractors.  I will review the prices received and make a recommendation to you as to who should carry out the work.

It would be my recommendation that I supervise the work of the landscape contractor to ensure that the works are executed in accordance with the design.

2) Division of hard and soft landscape works.  You may wish to split the hard and soft landscape works in to separate tenders.  For example,  it might be that you already have a builder on site if you are getting works done on your house at the same time as the garden.  The builder may be competent enough to handle the hard landscape construction works and you can approach them for a price for construction.  In this case, my team would either carry out the planting, after the hard landscape construction has been completed, or we would recommend a landscape contractor for the work.

3) In the case of both of the above options, I would recommend that I undertake to source the plants for you from a selected nursery in order to ensure that you are delivered a high enough quality of plant stock for your project.

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There are of course variations of the above that will suit different clients and gardens and I am  pleased to discuss with you your preferred option for implementing the works.  For example, you may prefer to undertake the works over a period of time rather than all together or you may have already selected a contractor to undertake the work for you.  My only recommendation is that you, at the very least, consider retaining me to supervise the work so that I can ensure the correct implementation of my design.

Post-completion and maintenance

Finally a brief word on maintenance!  Irecommend that you account for the maintenance of the garden right from the start of the project.  Every garden needs some maintenance.  My gardens are not designed as off-the-shelf products, each one is unique and specific to the client and the site; and the gardens will not look after themselves after installation!

Whether you choose to do the gardening and maintenance yourself or employ a maintenance contractor, I recommend that you meet me at least once a year to review the progress of the garden.  I view my gardens as long term projects that will take time to fully develop and I am pleased to offer you guidance in this regard.  I offer favourable rates for follow up visits as I am keen to participate in this process with you to see how the garden grows with you.

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