The first part of your garden design will invariably involve the production of a concept design plan for your garden. This is the fun and most creative part of the design process for me; at this stage, I apply free-flow of thought to the garden design concept.

My creative genie is let loose and your dreams will be placed down on paper for the first time. Yes, I will acknowledge the constraints picked up in the survey but I will also apply my own art and passion to the garden design, giving it a style and body with all the main parts evident.

  • I usually go through a series of hand sketches in the office before coming up with the concept garden design plan for you
  • The concept may be presented to you as a colour-rendered hand-drawn plan, hand-sketched views or indeed a fully worked up 3D Sketchup drawing with selected presentation views (options illustrated below).  The concept plan shows the main features and suggested hard landscape materials and a planting style.
  • I often support your concept garden design with a mood board of images and hand written text to further describe the design
  • I will always present you with a draft before finalising the concept garden design with you

Garden design masterplan and detailed design

concept design, garden design sketch, sketch plan, outline design

Ideas sketch - used as the basis for a concept plan

concept garden design plans, tim austen, garden design studio, garden designer, irish

Concept design plan completed using hand-drawing over a basic site layout

concept garden design tim austen irish designer ireland

Concept design 3D image using Google Sketchup