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I like to travel to experience gardens in all parts of Ireland and so was excited to be given the opportunity to develop a garden in Clarinbridge in Galway, a stone’s throw from the wild Atlantic and not far from the wilds of Connemara, a part of Ireland that I frequented, and loved, in my youth.

The overall garden in this property is quite large but my brief was to create a courtyard garden in the space created by the extension to the rear of the house; making it a small garden design challenge.

Our design solution had to provide a functioning, cosy, seating space for our clients whilst also looking attractive at all times of year.  The design had to be in keeping with both the crisp architecture of the extension and the existing property’s cut stone finishes.

There were tricky changes in level and also a below ground water-collection tank that influenced the location of raised planters.  However, the large expanse of wall to one side provided an opportunity for the creation of a feature wall.  We configured a pattern of vertical and geometrically arranged wooden batons with mirror insets to provide contrast with the grey Limestone beneath. These also tie in with the wood uprights on the house windows.


“After an initial consultation with Tim, we commissioned him and his team to design the courtyard garden space that we had created as a result of adding an architectural extension to our house.  We had strong ideas about the look and feel that we wanted to create as the architect had designed views into the courtyard from all sides:  we wanted an outdoor dining and relaxation space, it needed to look smart, with clean lines using natural stone, and have flexibility in the design for slotting in bespoke seating.  The planting needed to soften the landscape design.  Tim had to deal with awkward level changes and to contend with below ground services in his design solution but his plans and details for a series of steps and raised planters creating patio spaces at different levels were able to be implemented easily by our builder.  As Tim and his crew arrived for planting the weather became literally a deluge and we were really worried about how well the planting would take as planting conditions were far from ideal.   However, we are delighted to say that, one year on, we are truly enjoying the space especially in the fine weather and it’s been exciting watching everything come into bloom!”

C. Gardiner, June 2016

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