Garden in Tipperary

Water garden

Cashel, County Tipperary

We were commissioned to completely redesign the garden on a large plot around a modern dwelling on the margins of Cashel town in Tipperary.

My clients, a delightful couple looking were looking to create something special both viewed from the main lounge of the house and in terms of creating an enticing garden for good weather days.

He was looking to do more gardening, look after flowers, grow vegetables and so forth.

The main body of the garden lies at the side of the house to the rear of the garage and so is a hidden gem in itself.  We discussed installing a water feature as the central focus of the design and developing a real flower garden around it.

We agreed to lay out a semi-formal design divided into several zones for the side garden: water feature with formalised borders, a more relaxed semi-woodland planting area, a vegetable garden at the rear and also a lawn area.

Throughout the planting in this garden is lush and is a perennial flower composition with bloom peaks at various times of the year.  The linear, canal-like, water feature has fountains and lights.  A pergola provides verticality and separation from the vegetable growing area and the functional part of the garden, such as the compost heap.

The other part of the garden to the rear of the house and wrapping around the side is designed as a patio and recreation space immediately outside the French windows and fully visible at all times of the year.  I decided to design in a feature stone wall to the rear encapsulating the patio, this is lit with uplighting and looks great in the evening.  There is a small water feature for sound and visual interest.  The planting is soft and composed of perennials, small shrubs and trees.  To the rear of the house the paving stretches towards an area of planting that is contained by box hedging.

Finally, at the front of the house, we removed some of the tarmac paving and added in some natural stone paving to soften the pedestrian entrance and from which a path extends to the patio area, previously described.

Some new planting at the front also softens the overall extent of the parking area and provides a brand new welcome to the house on arrival home.



Flowers and vegetables, garden rooms, Plantsman's garden, soft planting, Water canal and fountains