Fancy shed in Glenageary

Ultimate garden room

in Glenageary, South Dublin

My wonderful clients for this garden in the lovely suburb of Glenageary, nestled to the south of Dublin, gave me the brief to create an ordered, yet colourful garden across the seasons.

The emphasis is on repetition of a select few plants in the colour range purple to deep pink, blue and white, restraint being the order of the day. Furthermore, the brief was that the garden design should be in-keeping with the architecture of the house, which itself dates from the 1950s but had a recent crisp architect-designed extension added to the rear.  This had to be emulated by the garden design with the white and grey colours being used for the garden structures.

There were several other matters to be attended to by the design:  the deck area needed to be extended and made a little more interesting, the lawn area had to be retained and the garden should be robust enough to withstand the adventures and misadventures of the owners’ dog.   We had to provide for bicycle access, via ramp, into the garden, and leave an open zone in the centre of the garden…for archery practice!

Finally, the main element was to design a new outdoor building opposite the patio, which is used for exercise and as a break out space from the house.  The architecture and finishes for the building, which included a significant quantity of glazing had to be in keeping with the house architecture.  The flat-roof design and cladding lends a contemporary flavour to this building which sits neatly in a previously unused part of the garden.

The transition in level from the upper deck area to the lawn area of the garden was achieved with the introduction of a large planter finished in smooth render with stone capping.

We also completed a design to the front garden, which included introducing new paving to facilitate car parking and complementary soft planting.

architectural design, Colour coordination, deck and planters, large garden, low maintenance, Modern, Simple planting, Spacious lawn