Garden design to create an attractive house entrance


garden in Killiney, South Dublin

Garden design brief

We were engaged to provide a garden design to complement a recently completed attractive house finished in an art deco style.  The property is situated very close to the sea (in fact the front leads directly onto the beach) so, although the garden is located on the sheltered, front, side of the house, salty winds are a likely and frequent occurrence.  This necessitated the selection of certain species that would be tolerant of changeable conditions.

We were presented with a relatively blank canvas for this design, as there was nothing to retain within the garden but the overall concept was dictated by the shape of the garden being constrained into a long rectangle by the perimeter granite walls and obviously necessitating the inclusion of an access path to the front door from the gateway.

We also had to include some privacy to views from the south without blocking out the sun or taking up too much garden space with planting in this very narrow garden.  Thus, we opted to use these gorgeous espaliered Hornbeam trees, which have in themselves added so much character to the entrance to the property.

The rest of the design involved creating a reasonable sized patio for the family to use, as this is the main exterior recreational area and then adding interest by using mounded beds to create a more diverse garden.

We also planted the south facing taller wall with espaliered apple and pear trees providing a narrow access path to allow for picking of the fruit by the family and kids.


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