Plant paradise in Wicklow

Plant Paradise

garden in Wicklow

It’s great to get a local commission every now and then, as it saves on travel time and we get the opportunity to pop back to see how the garden is developing with ease.

My clients had decided to update their house with a range of contemporary improvements including a new kitchen and an architect designed double-height, conservatory-style lounge space with a viewing landing to the upper level. This design obviously necessitated two-storey glazing to the rear.  The design challenge for me was to develop a beautiful planted vista outside this window but, as the property is situated very close to the boundary, in a relatively confined space.  Furthermore, the clients wanted to retain the existing screening hedge on the far side of which is the local rugby club.  The interesting thing is that, from the upper landing, they actually have prime-viewing of rugby games, so we did not want to plant trees in this corner either!

The area outside also had to include a patio suitable for outdoor dining.  The levels mean that a retaining wall is required and this was used to define the patio space with nice stone with a backdrop of planting to the rear. The materials selected for the patio are soft, natural colours and contrast, yet sit well, with the finishes on the house which includes contemporary zinc flashing.

The project design illustrates the point that the garden should look pretty-as-a-picture when viewed from the house but also have special character and function well when you are wandering within it.

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