Sport and fun in this family garden

Strong statement of form and function

We came into this project by referral from the architect, with whom we had previously worked, who had been kind enough to recommend us to the client.  Our architect friend had recently designed the significant upgrade of the house in terms of its scale and features, including a large turret that now forms a striking feature in the central portion of the house and which elegantly unifies the building design.

The existing garden was quite mature and included extensive lawns to the rear of the house, woodland planting around the perimeter, a rectilinear granite patio area and a large (almost circular) pool that had been installed by a previous garden designer; although, this feature had fallen into disrepair.  The existing planting was low maintenance and functional, however, lacking in interest in terms of floral diversity and seasonality.

Our brief was straight forward and included redesigning and levelling the lawn to make it more eye catching and to facilitate better ball games, reparation and enhancement of the water feature, integrating a new putting green area into the design and then adding in new planting areas to unify all the garden areas and features into a pleasing composition; yet, keeping the strong impact of the garden design.

As part of our design plan, we also included a new hoggin pathway around the perimeter of the garden that follows an interesting meandering route, and gives all year round access for garden walks.  In the centre of the garden, adjacent to the water feature, a circular secondary patio backed by a curved feature wall provides a new focal point and a tempting reason for venturing into the garden from the back patio.  This area also has a suspended bespoke timber seat which is an attractive feature in itself whilst also providing for sitting beside a new outdoor firepit.  The new patio area also receives more sun than the existing north-facing patio.

The water feature was completed as a full circle finished in new granite stone, cut to size, with a new pump system, and our client selected a large silver ball to go in the centre; this feature provides a visual link between the traditional shape of the water pool and the more modern materials that have been used elsewhere in the house and garden; it is also a strong statement piece.  We planted Lilies in the pool.

Other features that we added included cut stone stepping stones to access certain parts of the garden and a bespoke timber fence that separates the front and back gardens.

The garden design, we feel, now has a balance between structure and planting that delivers a strength of design and quality that complement the house and the preferred bold outlook of our client.

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