Specimen tree selection and handling

for bespoke planting

Tim offers a bespoke service for those who are looking to select premium trees for a particular location or to create an effect of those who are looking to curate a tree collection.  Tim and his team offer design and aesthetic advice, soil, horticultural and arboricultural advice, as well as information pertaining to planning in the selection of specimen large trees and shrubs in order to reap the best rewards from the investment into your garden project.   This service works to best effect with a partnership approach between Tim’s team and the client and the supplying nursery.  The selection of a contractor that is capable of sensitively planting the trees is of key importance and follow up maintenance is crucial for the success of these projects also.

In 2022, Tim worked closely with a private client selecting large ornamental trees for a new property on Shrewsbury Road in Dublin with extensive gardens.  The trees in this garden were selected for several purposes including: providing focal points, creating verticality, providing immediate presence, shape and form, screening, fruiting and foliage interest. Several garden areas were designed including: lawn areas and a putting green offset with topiarised Yew trees, a patio area complemented with mature multi-stemmed fruit trees, a welcome area including large Camellias, Japanese Maples and Hollies and perimeter planting using large pleached Yew and Birch trees. Trees for this garden were picked-in-person from: Solitair Nursery in Belgium, Ebben Nursery in the Netherlands and Gardenworld Nurseries in Wicklow.  Views to this garden remain private.

In 2023, Tim designed a specific large tree planting scheme for a client in Rathmichael, Dublin, who was looking to create a natural screening effect to the rear of their property.  The screen planting needed to complement existing tree planting and hedging and thus a particular range of trees was selected.  The process involved examining all viewpoints, recording the existing vegetation and then selecting the new plants in accordance with leaf shape and colour in order to create an overall visual composition that would be pleasing-to-the-eye when viewed from the rear windows of the property.  Evergreen, flowering specimens and those with interesting shapes and bark were selected.  Trees for this garden were selected from: Gardenworld Nurseries in Wicklow.

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