Sun and Space

Gorgeous garden

in the Garden County

We were delighted to design a sun-drenched garden for our lovely client in Greystones, County Wicklow in the beautiful Burnaby residential area.  The houses here were set out as part of a planning project in the early twentieth century having generous proportions and ample garden space around them in order to create a well manicured suburb that would be attractive for well-heeled residents taking the coastal train to work in Dublin.

The properties are generally in the Arts and Crafts and domestic revival style.  They are large plots with buildings set back from the edge of the street and surrounded by low cast iron policy railings and hedges.  The large gardens contain many mature trees and large shrubs, which cumulatively create a wooded green character to the overall environment.  Our client was very much in tune with this ethos and encouraged us to create a garden design where the planting was a major component in terms of the design rationale and ultimately then in the creation of the atmosphere of the garden.

The house in question has recently been renovated, a major and challenging project in itself for our client, which they executed beautifully along with an architect designed extension to the rear creating a beautiful period home with all mod-cons incorporated.  Our goal was to marry in to this setting the garden design, carefully selecting the right stone for patio, planters and walls (in this case a beige granite).

We needed to create some screening to the perimeters to reduce inter-visibility with neighbouring properties without over-planting either.  Sun, space and a feeling of being able to see out were important to this design also.  We installed a 3 tiered water feature as a central component of the design to create interest and tranquility alongside the generous outdoor dining space.  We set the patio to the same height as the floor inside and so there is a feeling of a connection between house and home right away.  We picked up the cedar timber finishes used to the garden outbuilding on the garden pergola that has itself become an important feature in the overall design itself.

Special plants used in the garden include a specimen Rhododendron catawbiense and a selected Japanese Maple.  The plants at the ground level included a detailed range of selected plants that create a tapestry of both sun and shade loving perennials flowers.  There are 3 types of Delphinium in the garden, Peonies, Phlox and Anenomes amongst others.  These are contrasted with structural shrubs giving lovely variations in tone and texture across the seasons.  The planting is in its first season of growth and we are looking forward to see it establishing in the coming years.


“Tim worked closely with me to create an elegant back garden design for my new home, which is tailor made to my requirements.  I wanted to create a beautiful patio and dining space to the rear of the house in which I could soak-up-the-sun, whilst listening to the soothing sound of water and this has been achieved and more.  We evolved the design together and Tim listened and guided me every step of the way.  This process really worked well for me, and I would highly recommend Tim for his attention to detail and approach in which he places the client’s dreams at the heart of his aspirations for their garden.”

M L, Greystones, July 2019

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