Giardino della mostra

Giardino della mostra,

Gold Medal winner, Bloom 2013

Giardino della mostra, translating generally from the Italian as “exhibition garden” or “garden of exhibits,” is a garden that encourages you to design your own garden to a strong theme whilst referring to the fact that a good garden is formed from the sum of its parts. The concept and layout are, in part, inspired by Ireland’s only permanent exhibition of show gardens at Gardenworld, Kilquade (the National Garden Exhibition Centre), Co. Wicklow. Here, a wonderful collection of individual gardens, arranged around the central avenue, collectively inspire and encourage gardeners at all levels to follow a design in their own gardens. The central avenue, with water features and arches are the main elements that are referenced in Giardino della mostra, along with Beech hedging that forms a soft backdrop to the garden. Moving through the garden areas of differing character are also seen.

I live in Co. Wicklow, Ireland’s gorgeous Garden County, famed for its formal gardens and beautiful wild landscapes. Like all Irish people, I am very proud of my home county and so I have tried to capture some of its essence in this garden also. I was delighted that many of the people that were involved in the construction of the garden were also from Wicklow. Members of the Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland worked on the stone walling. The garden also featured stone work by StoneArt and a bronze sculptural piece by Eamonn Ceannt along with a special seat designed by Colm O’Toole of Timmore design.

This is the story of the construction of my gold medal winning large show garden Giardino della mostra that was exhibited at the Bloom in the Park garden festival held in Dublin’s Phoenix Park from May 29th to June 3rd, 2013.

I start by looking at the plants in the Gardenworld, Kilquade nursery early one morning in May (with the birds!) and then move to the Phoenix park to tell the story of the garden build over 21days from green field site to fully complete show garden on display to thousands of visitors.

The video shows the effort that goes in to a garden build of this nature in such a tight timeframe. You can see the way the garden develops, as each piece is added within an overall build programme. You can see the extreme effort and skill that the entire team puts in; the work days getting longer and the tiredness setting in! You can see some of the problems that had to be overcome to create what is personally my favourite show garden of those that I have completed at Bloom.

Giardino della mostra Plant List
Classical garden design, garden arch, garden lighting, gravel and soft paving, Italianate garden, seating, water and planting