Formal garden in Ranelagh

Smart welcome

garden in Ranelagh, Dublin City

Garden design brief

The design for this small front garden to a red-brick Edwardian property in Ranelagh, South Dublin required a formal approach in-keeping with the traditional look of the house. Equally, a smart entrance way was sought that would look good throughout the year and which would be relatively easy to keep. The client was also looking for a feature and to use some trees that would be unique to their street. The existing garden was overgrown with no particular design characteristics so was effectively a blank slate for us to work with.

Garden design plan

The design uses restraint in the selection of paving with classical granite setts off-setting beautiful bush-hammered Limestone paving from Kildare. The water feature was replaced by a simple granite trough selected by the client and this is nicely displayed in an area of buff gravel that adds warmth to the hard landscape composition. The traditional iron railings were restored and used with the reclaimed granite kerbs that match the granite quoins to the house.

The box-hedging provides a structural framework for the garden and gives the right “whiff of poshness” throughout the year. The hedging contains looser planting to the rear that will mature and soften the composition with time. The specimen trees that were selected for the garden are gorgeous “table” or “roof” pruned ornamental pears Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ that literally provide a ceiling to the planting design and were a major talking point right from the start. Planting used includes: Abelia grandiflora, Spirea arguta, Corylopsis pauciflora, Paeonia ‘Bowl of Beauty and Inula magnifica.

house and garden, Kerb appeal, Period design, Small front garden, Style and presence