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Silver-gilt Medal winner, Bloom 2011

Tim Austen’s fourth show garden entry to the Bloom in the park festival, in 2011, took a new direction with Tim creating a more conceptual garden for which he received a silver-gilt medal.

Awakenings is a colourful garden designed for a creative person; maybe, as an artist’s retreat. It includes, sharply contrasting, rustic and modern materials: there’s a striking , bold red-boardwalk that cuts through the garden looking like a Milan catwalk, a rustic hand-crafted stack-wood gazebo (made from sustainably sourced Irish timber), paving constructed from beautiful fossil-enriched Irish Liscannor stone, a contemporary steel seat, perspex pools and a rich tapestry of planting.

A pathway leads through the garden to the gazebo and the pools provide opportunities for introspection at different locations.

Deeper themes of landscape change are alluded to by the various finishes and architecture. For example, the “crazy-paving” pathway made of cracked paving slabs represents geological fracturing. Similarly, the boardwalk has been positioned to deliberately cut across the middle of the entire garden layout and to provide contrast with the other flowing forms and shapes used. This feature could metaphorically be a landscape fissure when the garden is viewed as a whole.

The new trends signified by this design are the juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional materials placed in the same space in a harmonious way. The materials are predominately sourced in Ireland or Irish made.

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