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Garden extension

In the current Irish housing market, many people are adding extensions to their homes rather than moving to add value to their properties, add more space etc.  I'm in that bracket myself with my kids becoming teenagers, suddenly the house seems much smaller than it did a few years ago.  But retired couples may also want to make space for visitors and give themselves the nice large, sitting room that they have always dreamed about. The architects design concepts often involve nice views to the garden with floor to ceiling windows,...

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Building a show garden at Bloom in the Park, Dublin

This day, three years ago, I finished my second large show garden at Bloom in the Park at precisely 8am in the morning when all garden designers are firmly ejected from the build area by exhibition staff. Show gardens are huge undertakings involving serious personal commitment by the garden designer and also by the close team of people that they have around them during the build stage and also during the show.  It’s a mammoth task for all involved and I know that I am eternally grateful to all those people...

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Garden design tip 2: paving

If you are contemplating a garden makeover this spring one of the main items of work could be the renewal of your existing paving or indeed, if you have a new garden design, introducing some paving where none existed before (hope that doesn't sound too obvious!).  Thankfully, there is an enormous range of paving materials available to the contemporary garden designer.  In addition to the huge choice of “ready-to-use” concrete paving manufactured by Irish paving suppliers, imported natural stone has become widely available.  This means that an almost bewildering variety...

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