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Out with the old…. Out with the new: Embracing comfort in outdoor spaces

If there’s one thing that lockdown taught us; it was to embrace the outdoors during those trying times. Sunbathing in the garden, barbecues and an upsurge of greenfingers took centre stage during the summer months. However, we must ask ourselves, how do we streamline these comforts in our garden designs? Comfort is key and elevating our outdoor spaces does not necessarily mean placing emphasis on a large variety of plants (while this is encouraged).

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Timber canopy covering outdoor kitchen in a garden design project in Dalkey

First, we must consider the size of the garden and how we are maximising our use of the space. We want to be encouraged to get outside for both our physical and wellbeing, so we must ask ourselves what will entice us about this garden design? Someone might say an ice bath, someone else might say an outdoor pizza oven, others have a hankering for a simple seat…. we can then design the surrounding elements of the garden design around these desired features.

I notice while I am writing this blog that we are approaching the depths of winter. This is another aspect of the garden design that is worth considering – is it accessible all year round? I have introduced heat lamps on the terrace of my own garden but the likes of a fire pit or an enclosed gazebo are other garden features that help with combatting the cold and wind).

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New extended composite deck space for outdoor dining

The great outdoors….your garden should be great and it should fulfil your needs in terms of comfort. While aesthetics are important, it is fundamental to ask yourself what you would like to get out of your garden design (functionally) and the rest will fall into place with good garden design.

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