Outdoor Space in the Sun: Mediterranean Inspired Garden Design

When you are contemplating your garden design, it is important to consider aspects that will have a transformative effect on your day-to-day life. There are many places from which you can get garden design inspiration: other gardens, parks, natural landscapes. However, it is important to make your garden design personal to you and your own life experiences. Perhaps a place to start is your favourite holiday destination – this allows you to make a link between a place where you feel at peace and your back-garden haven.

I recently visited Tenerife and I was struck by the volcanic landscape, cradled by cacti and agave plants. If we consider a garden design in Ireland, it is difficult to replicate this 100% given the climate. However, we can take inspiration  from this destination when we consider elements such as paving and planting. An incorporation of rich tawny colours and spiky vegetation will transport you to Mediterranean coastlines, sun beating down and a jug of sangria waiting for you poolside.

Starting your garden design may appear an overwhelming prospect but ultimately it starts with situating yourself in a place that makes you feel happy. Mediterranean ambience is just one option, perhaps a Tundra inspired patio is more up your street. The options are endless- put yourself into the garden design.

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