Winter garden flowers

New Year, same values

If we consider the definition of the word “resolution” it implies a determined commitment, something resolute. I will go to the gym this year, I will read more, I will redo my garden…

In terms of garden design, structural elements can be added to your outdoor spaces be they paving, water features or new planting. However, as we ring in the new year, it is important to recognize the regenerative value of nature within our gardens during the catatonic, rattling off resolutions, atmosphere that is the “New Year”.

garden, birds, feeding, bird-feeder, winter garden
A bird feeder set up in your favourite garden tree can be a great way to see the garden coming to life over the winter months

Bulbs begin to re-emerge, demonstrating their resilience against the harsh frosty winters. I have recently noticed the reappearance of the snow drops in my garden, a sign of the new year but also the restorative essence of nature. Perhaps one could say that while this symbolises new beginnings  it is also a nod toward the circularity of life. There is strength in a renewed sense of routine, both in nature and in daily life.

Regarding this notion of circularity, one might introduce a vegetable patch into their gardens. Different seasons bring about different produce and when the season commences again these vegetables reappear (provided they are tended to correctly). It is a question of trusting the process and trusting the constant entities in your life. If they are meant to be there, they will appear again and you will enjoy the fruits of the obstacles you have overcome in the past.

Effects of frost on plants in the garden
Strawberry plants coated in frost presenting a beautiful winter garden scene

Your garden design should be a reflection of your state of your mind or the state of mind that you wish to achieve. Even if you are starting from scratch, think of the circularity of the different elements of the garden. How do they change with the seasons? How do they adapt to social situations? How does nature react with them? Allow your garden to flow with the natural course of life as opposed to confining it to prescribed resolutions.

garden in winter, structural elements, iced pool
The patio in winter with iced pool and pots in storage
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