Seminar Promotion: The Designed Garden – An unfinished canvas

As a full Member of the GLDA,  Tim Austen garden designs are proud to promote the upcoming 22nd International Garden Design Seminar to be held on Saturday 17th February 2018 at Crowne Plaza Dublin, Northwood Park, Santry, Dublin 9. 

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As designers and gardeners, we are very aware that our gardens are only as good as their subsequent maintenance.

Every time we prune and clip and cultivate in an effort to maintain control, we are forcibly reminded of the dynamic and unpredictability of Mother Nature.

Much focus is given to show gardens and instant makeovers, but little to the challenges of the evolving garden. This seminar will concentrate on the designer’s role, and the skills and knowledge needed to visualize and manage the bigger picture including the ongoing maintenance.

It’s not only how the garden looks on day one, it’s also about how it will look in the future, and the strategies needed to design for longevity.

The best approach to creating a more sustainable garden is to work with nature, not against, so that we can honestly say that a newly planted garden is low maintenance and that nature itself will have the guiding hand. Also is there a role for modern technology in carving out the future of a garden?

Addressing this problem has guided the thinking of our four speakers:

Peter Korn is a well known Swedish gardener who has always been fascinated by the adaptability of plants.

James Basson, garden designer, is renowned for raising awareness on the importance of working with locally sourced plants and traditional materials, using no irrigation and keeping maintenance to a minimum.

June Blake’s main project is ongoing at her home near Blessington, Co. Wicklow. Over time, she has effected massive change on the three-acre plot. The garden that she made — and is still making — is now internationally acclaimed, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Douglas Hoerr leads Hoerr Schaudt, a 40-person landscape architecture studio in Chicago known for its inspirational use of horticulture as a transformative element.

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