Repeat or unique?

Are there some things that are common between different garden designs; can a garden style be repeated between different gardens?  “What if I want a particular design style that I have seen in an Instagram photo collection or repeated through the beautiful pictures on someone’s Pinterest board?” Legitimate questions to ask when you are researching the myriad options available for your garden design.

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Make your garden design your own

Personally, I approach each garden commission as a new and different project with very little reference to other projects that I may have completed before. Sure enough, during the design process, a design solution may be required that we have used before and then it makes sense to incorporate that into the design, rather than reinventing-the-wheel each time.  But what I don’t do is repeat a design style between gardens, unless the client specifically requests that I do.  And even then, there is very little chance that the design would be the same as before because each property tends to be unique, having its own size, shape, orientation, levels, soil type etc.  I respond instinctively to this and, along with the client brief, the result is that no two gardens will ever be alike.  And neither should they be: don’t forget that gardens evolve with time and so, in fact, they should get even less alike with time.

Yes, it is good to browse for beautiful garden design images and these can help provide inspiration for your project, but your project will be unique, your garden will have its own style and hopefully, one day, others will browse your fantastic photo-collection, be aghast at how supremely amazing your garden is and be inspired themselves.

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