Plan a new planting scheme


An area of planting can be reworked to create a new garden scene

Now is a great time of year to rework an existing planting scheme if you have an established garden.  Quite mature shrubs can be relocated and used as the structural elements in a new arrangement.  This can give tired or mundane parts of the garden a new lift.

Plan it out carefully so that the heights and shapes of the main plants work together giving symmetry across the area to create an interesting composition.

Consider complementary plant colours and textures. For example, here I have worked architectural forms through soft, lusher leafy plants. 

The reworked planting can give opportunities for planting new plants on the spaces opened up.

In addition, if you favour a lawn, this is a chance to reshape it, thereby creating a new garden layout.

Deciduous shrubs transplant well at this time of year, but be careful with evergreens. Only move if absolutely necessary, preferably leave in situ and work your scheme around them.  See some good advice from the RHS here: RHS Advice

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  • Shane Bolton

    hi tim great article on new planting scheme.i recently created a new area which for the last 25 odd years was covered up by a mountain of rubbish.i have planted it using a mixture of mature plants and smaller perennials from mount venus nursery in dublin.creating new areas for planting can be very exciting and rewarding.

    10th March 2015at11:27 pm

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