The new gardening year

Around this time of year, I usually put out a little post to encourage people to get their design plans done in the next while before the construction season starts to hot up from March time onwards.  If you have been mulling over your garden situation during the holidays and have been thinking about what to do with it; this is a great time of year to talk to a garden designer.

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From small ideas spring forth new gardens!…standing in my Bloom 2013 garden at completion

You could just go for an initial chat to talk through your ideas.  Your garden designer is a professional who will (hopefully) have an unbiased, creative and practical view to your project and will be able to bring all your ideas together and make some recommendations.  This initial chat might just help to clarify your thinking and you can then decide whether you want to go ahead with a design plan after that or not.  It’s a bit like the garden design equivalent of a medical  health check… you never know, the designer might just prescribe some maintenance and management tips that tide you over for the next while or they may come up with some design ideas that help resolve an issue that has been irking you for a while.  Finally, they will help to explain whether producing a garden plan would be a good idea too…the garden designers equivalent to selling you a health insurance policy for your garden!

Wherever you are with your thinking, I hope that you have a fantastic year in the garden and that you get to implement some of your ideas.  As for me, I hope to get the time  to spread some garden compost on to my flower beds before the weeds soon start their new cycle of growth!













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