Great autumn perennial plants – Joe Pye Weed

I was delighted to catch Carol Klein extolling the delights of the Eupatorium plant on BBC’s Gardeners’ World this week having just selected the fantastic variety Eupatorium purpureum subsp. maculatum ‘Atropurpureum’ or Purple Joe Pye weed for a client of mine.

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Eupatorium purpureum (Purple Joe Pye Weed) – pic. taken at Gardenworld

I was looking for an autumn flowering perennial with impact, suited to a heavy (wet, slightly acidic) soil.  This seems to be the ideal tall flowering perennial.  The flowers are pinky-purple in colour, slightly unusual (not pretty but certainly showy) and they are held up high as the plant can grow over 2m tall in the right spot.  Overall it is tall, forms a thicket and the foliage can be somewhat coarse looking so I would suggest it as a back of the border plant or as a structural addition to an overall mass of perennials.  Not for a small garden.

This plant is also a top rate nectar plant for bees and butterflies looking for an autumn feed.

A great plant for perennial planting designs where succession is key.  Alongside Rudbeckia and Verbena bonariensis this is one of the best autumn flowering perennials in my book.

Have you discovered any new plants this year that are on your must-have lists? I would be interested to hear from you?  Tim

  • Hi Tim I would recommend the variety eupatorium has darker color in the stems than most and I use it with rudbeckia herbstonne and aster little Carlow among others.

    27th October 2013at7:38 pm

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