Foraging for food – the good, the bad and the ugly, part 1

Whilst undertaking a road survey recently, I came across a super example of “food-for-free” in the Irish countryside when this apple tree presented its fruits to me.

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Wild Irish apple tree!

This native Irish apple tree is growing right alongside the N6 motorway in Westmeath and is a fantastic example of the bounties that our hedgerows and woodlands can offer us in the autumn.  All we have to do is look what’s around us and we have the best natural foods available in our own countryside.

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Irish apple harvest from the countryside

You don’t need to be a foraging expert, you just need to have the right mental attitude and a willingness to get out there and look.  I have had many a fun walk with my family simply picking up what we can find as we go and the autumn really is when nature’s harvest is presented to us. (Note: this tree luckily escaped the axe being right next to the construction boundary fence line of the new road).

fruit, autumn, wild food, ireland, hedgerows

An apple (or 2) a day?

If only the apples tasted slightly better, it would have been a real find!

free food, hedgerows, forage, wild, Irish, native, apples

A bitter experience?

Irish produce, food for free, hedgerow treats, apples

Tasty fruit?

…let ’em ripen!


  • Alexia

    Tim, you are so right! Stuart the kids and I had a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon recently and now have a freezer full of blackberries. A delicious blackberry and apple crumble and blackberry vodka that’ll be ready for Christmas. Also sloe gin that will be ready to share with you in six months time….if you’re lucky!

    9th October 2013at7:37 pm

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