Garden canopy

This super Irish summer (with temperatures having been well in to the mid-20s (0C) with clear blue skies for quite some weeks now – SWEET!) has put me in mind of our Bloom 2009 garden, best in show garden – The Garden Lounge.

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The Garden Lounge, Bloom 2009 gold medal winner and best in show by Tim Austen

The temperatures then too were scorchingly hot and perfectly suited that garden with its relaxed outdoor living theme.  And we Irish, whilst craving the sun, are not really, truthfully, comfortable being sun-worshippers and so really need our protective shade in the garden too. With that in mind, this garden featured a bespoke canopy that we made from sturdy cedar-wood posts with yachting fabric strung between.  Simple, but efffective design, it’s big enough to have a table and chairs underneath and/or some swanky garden loungers like we had that year.

garden canopy, shelter, garden pool, paving, award winning, design, dublin, ireland

Bespoke garden canopy using cedar wood posts and yachting fabric by Tim Austen

With garden design in a temperate climate it’s all about getting that balance between sun/shade, wet and dry.  We need to be prepared for all eventualities and that’s what makes designing gardens to this brief both a challenge and a delight.

garden furniture, seats, loungers, canopy, shelter, design, gardens, irish, ireland

Stylish wooden loungers by Simon Austen Bespoke Furniture as featured in Tim Austen’s show garden

Let’s get out and make the most of it! 🙂

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