Give the gift of a garden this Christmas!

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I know I have said this before, but I have to remind you that if you are thinking of getting your garden re-designed then now is a great time of year to set the wheels in motion. This is often a garden designer’s down-time: when the weather is poor, it’s time to be at the desk putting together plans for next year’s new gardens.  So take this opportunity to get your designer working for you. They too want to get the plans agreed with you, as early as possible, so that everything is ready to go for construction when the weather improves.

And in that regard, I have to say that I have been touched by some people who obviously possess not only bounteous amounts of parental love but also a great deal of forethought.  These wonderful folk have purchased garden design vouchers as Christmas presents for their off-spring.  Sometimes these gifts can be a subtle hint from “caring” parents that their kids need to get their house (garden) in order!  At other times, they may be another of the parental leg-ups that thankfully many of us continue to receive throughout our adult lives.  Equally, they are simply a great Christmas present, as they provide not only immediate fulfilment but also the thought that there will be future excitement and happiness later on when the new garden is installed.

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