Design inspiration, on an Olympic scale!

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Garden designers are always looking for design inspiration for their next project.  Most design ideas are stimulated by something a designer will have seen or experienced whether directly related to garden design or not.

Another thing that garden designers ought to be doing is keeping on top of developments in the overall profession of garden design.  This can be done by reading garden design books and journals or spending time browsing relevant websites.  Otherwise, visiting constructed garden projects, whether public spaces, private gardens or indeed showgardens, is always a great way of seeing what’s current.

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One completely new and wonderful place from where I have taken huge inspiration this year, is the site of the Olympic park.  Having read with interest various articles on the landscape and planting design on the lead up to the games, I have to say that the live site did not disappoint.  Here, there was a lot to be learnt from new techniques in planting design for public spaces from the simply flabbergasting planting of annual flowers including Coreopsis tinctoria (Tickseed) and Dimorphotheca sinuata near the stadium to the temperate flowering perennials and grasses used for ornamental planting along the riverside walk to more unkempt areas using native wildflowers.

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I also have to mention the very clever water feature beneath one of the main bridges.  This was a curtain-style water fall that, at close intervals, literally rained down water droplets to form visible words.  Fantastically, the words were being automatically selected by computer from topics that were trending on social media and news sites at that moment.

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I hope that you get as much pleasure from the photos as I did spending the day at the Olympic park watching the hockey matches and taking in the spectacular landscape design too. An experience never to be forgotten.

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