Crazy about currants, using fruit and vegetables in the garden.

easy to grow, garden plants, red currant bush

Red currants – an easy to grow garden fruit

I have just harvested my annual crop of red currants from my garden’s solitary red currant bush.  This tough, easy-to-grow,  garden shrub does so well each year and satiates my need for breakfast berries – the rest of my family are not big fans so one bush provides us with all we (or I) need for my bowl of muesli in the morning (for  a week or two each summer).

I am also excited by the productive side of garden design and the redcurrant forms part of the shrub layer of my “sort-of” forest garden.  Even if you are not trying a forest garden, they are easy to grow and give such a nice reward.  For these reasons I will try to include them in most of my garden designs, even small plots.  But bear in mind that they are not front-of-house material, as the bush is pretty inconspicuous in terms of shape, leaves, stem colour etc.  But, they should always be included in growing areas in the garden.

red currant bush, fruit trees, garden plants, garden design

Red currant bush with central branches pruned

And I have to thank one of my gardening heroes, Monty Don, for his advice on BBC Gardener’s World earlier this year.  What he advised was pruning the central branches of the red currant to create a bush with an open heart, as such (does that sound right?).  This judicious removal of branches has I feel contributed to a good crop on the remaining branches.  In the centre, new branches have shooted and although there are no fruits on them this year, I feel they will produce good fruit next year.

garden fruits, grow your own, redcurrant bushes

Red currant bushes – an easy way to grow your own – I love the shocking red colour of the berries too!

I leave my red currants un-netted, which may be crazy (what a rebel!) but, if I am quick, I get my fill and I leave some on the bush for the garden birds as well.  They are, after all, welcome residents in my garden.   I would be keen to hear how you have got on with your fruit growing this year.  Has the wet weather affected your crop?  Did you try Monty’s advice too?  Mmm, looking a those pics has made me peckish – I’m off to have revel in some more redcurrants.  Later!

P.S.  I do like blackcurrants too and have 2 bushes of those!


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  • I have red and black currants too and I like them. I have some gooseberries too and I love them and so daes my dog, Aku the rottweiler!

    Satu from Finland

    19th July 2012at7:32 pm

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