Garden design live (3): finishing touches

I bet you are wondering did we ever finish our garden project outlined in my posts: garden design live 1 and garden design live 2?  Well, I am pleased to report that we did finish the garden and that it looks great!  “It is totally amazing, we did an awesome job!” as Jedward might say.  In all seriousness, we have had great feedback from our client so now all that reamains is for the Irish weather to be a little bit kinder so that the plants can grow away more happily.

So here’s a quick recap of what the garden looked like beforehand (quite nice):

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Existing garden, pre-design

And this is where we are now (very nice!):

irish garden design, new garden design, constructed garden, garden plan, ireland

The garden after implementation

So what are my thoughts in relation to this garden design:

1) I think it works because it is simple.  We weren’t trying to change the world with the design; but we fulfilled the brief and worked closely with our clients to make sure that they were happy with the design too.

2) The selection of paving using Limestone cobbles 150mm x 150mm worked well with the existing granite paving and other finishes in the garden.

3) The re-shaping of the lawn has greatest impact on the look of the garden

4) The planting selection using perennials suited to shade and sun planted as individuals and small clusters and repeated has worked effectively.

5) The use of bark-mulch will keep the maintenance down for the clients this year.

If you remember from garden design live 1, I was effectively working to the brief of “less is more” for reasons of economy and because there was already a lot that was good about this garden that should be kept.  I feel that the completed project lives up to this design brief.

Here’s a few further photos of the completed project:

garden paving, laying paving, garden design, paving design, patio, path

New limestone cobbles to foot of existing granite steps

garden design, new planting, garden designer, planting plan, perennial plants

View across the lawn with Salvia and Allium in the foreground

garden design, old path with new planting, natural stone path

Existing stone path with retained and new planting alongside

new garden design, simple garden project, garden designer, irish design, paths and paving

New limestone cobbles meets the existing stone path with new beds and lawn shape

I hope you found this garden project of interest.  If so, I would love to hear your views on this garden.  Do  you like it?  Or if you have any questions please submit them to me .

Please post your comments in the box below and I will respond.  Many thanks for your time and interest. 🙂

  • I thought the facelift work well with the garden…. It brightens up the place and add variety. Excellence.

    26th June 2012at4:56 pm

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