Building a show garden at Bloom in the Park, Dublin

This day, three years ago, I finished my second large show garden at Bloom in the Park at precisely 8am in the morning when all garden designers are firmly ejected from the build area by exhibition staff.

Show gardens are huge undertakings involving serious personal commitment by the garden designer and also by the close team of people that they have around them during the build stage and also during the show.  It’s a mammoth task for all involved and I know that I am eternally grateful to all those people that have helped me achieve my garden designs each year.  And to the sponsors who provided me with financial assistance and donations of materials: the garden could not have been built without you, thank you!

This video shows the build of the garden called “The Garden Lounge” from the time of arrival on site in early May 2009, then over the subsequent three week period of the build until completion on judging day.  It ends with a few nice images taken during the show: the weather was scorching, the pretty models were in attendance and the champagne was flowing!

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