Potato planting: under St. Patrick’s thumb!

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It was with some relief that I managed to plant my potatoes last week.  I know – can you believe it? – they were not planted until the 9th of April!

Yes, the fact that they had not been planted by the purported St. Patrick’s Day planting deadline had been troubling my mind…but how much does the timing of potato planting really matter?  Is there something critical about that particular day and will some badness befall my spuds because they were planted later on?  I suspect not.  I am sure that the planting date is really just a traditional point of reference.  Maybe the 17th March is actually the start of the sowing season, rather than the end of it, as that would surely make sense weather-wise.

Anyway, this year, I have added an additional variety to my selection.  I am continuing to use ‘Orla’ for my earlies and ‘Sarpo Mira’ for my lates as these two organic varieties did really well under my low maintenance regime: they are both strongly blight resistant and provided tasty spuddies.  I have added ‘Santé’ in to the mix, as a mid-season variety, and look forward to seeing how this turns out, too.   Which one will perform better after my reckless, early April planting?  Only, time will tell…

Link to Tim and Eliza’s video on chitting potatoes

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