Plant power!

Here’s a few pics to show the impact that a relatively simple planting design can have on the appearance of a building.


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tree planting, root-ball trees, large Birch trees, garden planting


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The three multi-stemmed trees are Betula pendula multi-stems, height range 5-5.5m.  These were planted as root-balled specimens.   Being on the nothern side of the building the groundcover plants include those tolerant of shade.  The soil is also somewhat wet.  Plants selected included, amongst others: Alchemilla mollis, Astilbe, Bergenia cordifolia, Helleborus orientalis and Caltha palustris with a selection of  Ferns, grasses including Luzula sylvatica with Geranium ‘Rozanne’ and Tradescantia ‘Red Grape with one or two flowering perennials thrown in for good measure.

The planting forms part of a larger landscape design that I have undertaken for the Gap of Dunloe that includes a new garden with interpretation of the Gap for visitors to Moriarty’s shop and café.

This first part of planting has been widely complimented by enquiring visitors and I have had to send down a full plant identification list to my clients. More on the progress of this landscape design project to follow.

  • Liz

    Is it safe to plant them so close to the buildings? I though the recommedned distance was 10m for birches?

    20th July 2012at12:41 pm

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