Garden design tip 1

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I am conscious of the fact that I haven’t really done a specific garden design post to date.  I have been mulling over how to present these.  Shall I just dispense the information in a prescriptive way, like a garden doctor, if you will?  Perhaps in bullet point format:

  • All gardens should have a design style to them
  • Garden designs can be formal or informal
  • Take inspiration from gardens that you have visited

No, I think this could get pretty dull and is never going to satisfy either my need to use words or an audience that needs to get to the heart, nay, mind of the designer.  Therefore, we will try to go for relaxed and friendly, anecdotally styled posts and you will be able to pluck the garden design petals (sorry!) from these.  And, if that’s doesn’t work for you then, I suppose, you will just have to make an appointment to see me!

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