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‘Clinic’ – there’s that medical overtone again in regard to garden design advice that I am not sure about; but anyway, that aside, the GLDA are hosting some garden design advice days as part of the Bloom fringe over the coming weeks.  Press release, as follows:

“Good news for gardeners in Dublin, Kildare, Limerick and Cork: free design advice from experienced garden designers is being given at selected garden centres who are holding design clinics as part of a new initiative called Bloom Fringe.

‘The Chelsea Fringe is an enormous event across London’, explains garden designer Sheena Vernon, ‘but at short notice, the Garden and Landscape Designers’ Association, who were asked by Bloom organisers’ to come up with ideas for the weekends running up to Bloom, decided that partnering with our local garden centres would be the best way to start.’

Dates, times and designers are listed below, many of the names you might recognize as the list includes a number of medal winners from Bloom.  If you want to guarantee availability, ring the garden centre and book a slot.

The more information you can bring to a designer, the more specific they can be in their advice, so photos (on your phone will be fine) and measurements are much appreciated.

Also taking part as a fringe event is the Leinster Gallery who will host a pop up nursery in their sculpture garden as well as music and talks on gardening.”

Click on this link for a full  list of participating garden centres and dates.

Incidentally, my ‘clinic’ is at Gardenworld (the National Garden Exhibition Centre), Kilquade, Co. Wicklow from 10am-4.30pm on Saturday May the 12th, Tel: 01 281 9890 or ring me at the Austen Studio 0404 66827 to set up an appointment.

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