Garden colds

Environmental conditions have changed abruptly: day time temperatures have tumbled to below 10°C in a spell of unseasonable cold weather, skies are in the main dull with some sunny spells, the wind has picked up, and we have even had a spot of rain  – although, this is welcome to thirsty plants.  Fortunately, being in a coastal garden, we have had no frost but, under this new weather forecast, my Amelanchier blossom is starting to drop in protest.

And, to top-it-off, I have come down with a cold that has kept me away from work and, frustratingly, my evening stints in the garden.  Us gardeners are a passionate lot and can’t stand to be away from our endeavours for too long, especially at the very start of the growing season.  I am also one of those types who can’t switch off.  I lie in bed with my brain flitting from subject to subject when I should be, relaxing, asleep and trying to recover.  I distract myself by catching up on some garden reading (what a fool, I know – I just get jealous and dissatisfied that I am not at it!).

I always enjoy dipping in to Sir Roy Strong’s ‘Garden Party.’ His writing style is infused with infectious enthusiasm and is uplifting when I am feeling really low.  Like Roy, I want the best garden I can possibly create and afford.  But, I must remember just that; that this garden is for me and mine.  It is not as if this is some sort of gardening competition, like Bloom.  I should enjoy this break, take stock, learn something new from my books and gardening magazines and then head back to the garden with renewed vigour, taking pleasure from the very fact that I can do this; I can garden when and how I want to.

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