Parched March

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If someone had told me that I was going to be out with my watering can before the end of March this time last year, I would have told them to go indoors and take a strong dose of a reality pill, extra strength brand for crazy gardening folk!  But what a contrast between this year and last!

The Irish spring heat wave has continued and yes, last night, I was out-watering both newly divided perennials recently planted and plants in containers that were starting to wilt in the heat due to dehydrated compost.

Well, with parts of the UK already considering a hose-pipe ban, see maybe a spring drought is the shape of things to come?

Certainly, despite the very cold winters of the past two years, in Ireland, we seem to be getting our summers between April (now March?) and the end of June followed by a mixed bag of weather for the rest of the year.  This unpredictability of weather means that we need to be planning to conserve water for use at unusual times of the year, we need to be routinely using water-butts to store water, recycling our household water for use in the garden and generally being more considerate towards how much we use and how often.  In this regard, we need to be growing plants that require less water also.

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In Ireland, we have a tricky balancing act in play: our weather is generally mild and a bit wet so we tend to grow a wide variety of plants but this can then catch us out when it is dry as we end up needing to use a lot of water to keep those same plants growing.  So, if you want to be water-use friendly, research the growing characteristics of your plants carefully in addition to going for qualities of appearance, make plans to store water for use at different times of the year, and who knows…get used to watering in March too?


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