Mossy marvels on an Irish woodland floor

As a garden designer, I seek to take inspiration from nature whenever I can.  Last weekend, I took these photos on a lovely walk through a coniferous woodland in Wicklow.  Although the wood was predominantly commercial evergreen species, there were some deciduous species, such as, Birch and Beech  present and understory trees like Holly here and there.  But the most striking thing about this woodland was the beautiful carpet of spongy moss spread throughout.

irish garden designer, ireland, woodland, wicklow, tim austen

Mossy woodland floor

irish woodlands, garden design, fallen leaves, close-up photo

Moss close up

It reminded me that I like woodland gardens and pathways and paving that are not pristinely clean but are aged by weather and have nooks and crannies in which moss and ferns have taken hold.

bloom 2008 gold medal garden designer tim austen peoples favourite

Mossy path created for our Bloom 2008 show garden

And at the end of our walk, we found some lucky Irish charms too!

ireland, irish garden designer, tim austen, shamrocks, wicklow

Irish shamrocks growing on a mossy woodland floor in Wicklow


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